CyLaw-Report XXXXI: „Weltrecht^2 Entourage Documents“ (Version 2) → here: A STANDARD FOR A UNIVERSAL (TECHNOLOGY) LAW LECTURE (2018)

The present “Entourage Document” is meant to complement the paper “Weltrecht^2 - Multidisciplinary constitutional law scholarship from Germany and the EU” and forms part of the cluster Weltrecht^2. In this Cylaw Report XXXXI are published for the first time and in this format:
  • - the draft of a Teaching Standard (ST): „A Universal STANDARD for a (Technology) Law Lecture“, which seeks to pave the way to a new scientific discipline – CYBERSCIENCE (CySci). This “STANDARD” was first presented at the Internet Work in Progress conferences in 2017 and 2018. In this way, the cyber(law) scientific research system opens up on the level of teaching and learning;
  • - the Visual Legal Design of Weltrecht^2 (GALAXY metaphor) and
  • - the Weltrecht^2 TAXONOMY as „Entourage Document“ in preparation of the paper to be submitted for the World Congress of Constitutional Law.
  • - In addition, several articles published in the course of the past two decades will, for the first time, be presented in form of a „STEP LADDER“ chronology to exhibit the developing work on CYBERSCIENCE (and in Cyberlaw and AILAW) by an author with the veniae legendi (authority) to teach Public, European and Energy law („Herstory“).